Shared boat rental in Barcelona

The shared boat rental in Barcelona is ideal for those people or groups who want to live this experience, but without renting a private boat. Despite being a less intimate option, it is still a great option, as it is enjoyed in the same way. If you want to know more about this service, we invite you to read this information.

What is the shared boat rental in Barcelona?

The shared boat rental in Barcelona is a more affordable option to navigate the Catalan coasts. These tours are carried out on catamarans that have capacities from eighty to one hundred people. The individuals who decide to attend this activity do not know each other.

To rent a shared boat for a tour, you do not follow the same procedure as when looking for a boat in which only your acquaintances will be. In this process, you buy a ticket that gives you entry to the ship , once in it you enjoy many benefits.

The tours of these classes have a maximum duration of three hours , in them you share with people you did not know before. However, they have something in common: they all want to have fun in the sea that bathes Barcelona aboard a shared boat.

Activities on a shared boat

For several hours you are enjoying sailing with people who want the same thing as you: to get the most out of their holidays in Barcelona. During this period, good vibes, dancing, good music and laughter shared with people just as fun as you and your friends are guaranteed .

The shared boat rides take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays . The departure times are the most convenient for all passengers to enjoy good weather, the sun and the rich waters of the Catalan coast.

What do you find on the boat?

Once you board the catamaran you have at your disposal a wide variety of excellent services. On the ship there is an entertainer who also acts as a DJ so that the party is always fun and there is current music to liven up the atmosphere.

In addition, you are offered a barbecue menu , one of the frequently served meals on catamarans. Drinks are not lacking, there is a full bar service where you can taste the most exquisite drinks. Finally, a stop is made for people to go to the bathroom, of course, whenever possible.

For those who wish to swim, the catamaran has stairs that lead you directly to the waters off the Catalan coast. What more can you ask? Good vibes, music, food, drink and a chance to swim .

Where to buy the ticket for the shared boat rental in Barcelona?

Tickets for shared boats are obtained online , you just have to choose the day and time that suits you best. Then, buy the number of tickets you need and get ready to attend the fun hours you get with shared boat rental in Barcelona .