Sailboat rental in Barcelona

Sailboat rental in Barcelona is convenient for those who wish to enjoy with their intimate group of friends in a comfortable boat. What do we offer you with our sailboat service? Here we describe it to you.

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Do you want to carry out a unique activity for two people or for a group made up of eleven individuals? We are prepared to help you with this with our sailboat rental in Barcelona . These boats are suitable for tours of the beautiful coasts of the city . The captain of the sailboat will be happy to show you each fascinating place in the area.

Much of the sailing of the sailboat rental is carried out by the wind, the most natural experience you can have on a boat. For you to enjoy the tour more, a stop is made for you to swim. Do not worry about snacks or drinks, you will have the necessary ones throughout the tour. Plus, cleaning, fuel, and a captain are included.

Sailboat rental details for a tour:

  • Sailboats up to ten meters.
  • Tours for a minimum time of two hours.
  • Snacks and drinks included.
  • Whenever the condition allows it, a bath stop is made.
  • Excellent views of Barcelona, ​​one of the favorites is the one obtained with the Costa Brava sailboat rental.
  • Sailing.
  • An experienced captain is included in the sailboat rental.

These are our prices per hour for your tour in Barcelona with a sailboat

  • The cheap sailboat rental from Sunday to Friday is available for 280 euros for two hours .
  • For three hours it has a price of 350 euros from Sunday to Friday and 410 on Saturdays.
  • The extra hour on the Barcelona sailing trip has a cost of 70 euros from Sunday to Friday and 125 on Saturdays.

What does my sailboat rental include?

  • When renting a sailboat with us, a captain is included to make the trip safe. He can teach you secrets of sailing.
  • Music on board : we place it or you bring your device, we have no problem connecting it to the boat for a more personalized experience.
  • Appetizers : rich crackers, stuffed olives and chips. You also have the possibility of hiring a catering service for lunch, dinner or aperitif.
  • Drinks : two beers per person, soft drinks, cava brut nature (one bottle) and water.
  • Cleaning .
  • Fuel .
  • The sailboat offer includes VAT .

It is clear that the 12 meter sailboat rental is not the same as a yacht, but it is also ideal to take advantage of summers in the city . Do something different and rent a comfortable sailboat for you and your companions. In our sailboat rental in Barcelona we have a very good variety of boats of this type.

They are prepared for outings with family, friends and even coworkers. Of course, we provide a pattern and even snacks to make trips more enjoyable. The rent we do is by the hour and the process is simple, we guarantee it.

Do you want to take children on a Barcelona sailing tour ? Attending this unique activity is not dangerous for them, so they are welcome on our luxury sailboats. With our boats you will enjoy beautiful tours along the coasts of Barcelona. Also, you experience sailing, a classic one, don’t wait any longer and enjoy this occasion.

Also available to rent a classic sailboat

The fact that we say that it is a classic boat does not mean that it is small and there is not enough space, it is the opposite. This sailboat is luxurious and has the necessary comforts for you to carry out a private celebration, a company event, wedding or a family, friend or work meeting.

Meet the classic sailboat that we offer you!

This sailboat has a large space for you to invite several people to enjoy the sun, wind and sea of ​​Barcelona. In it there is an indoor area and another for you to sunbathe and get that tan you want to show off after your vacation.

The design of the sailboat is very elegant , so it is suitable to celebrate a special occasion for you. When you rent this cheap sailboat it is possible that it stays anchored in the port or that you sail to the area that you and all your companions prefer.

Do not think that it is difficult to rent luxury and classic sailboats, they are available for periods of two hours or up to eight . When you get our service we guarantee you a completely personalized experience, why can you be sure of this? We offer you the following forms of rental:

  • Let the sailboat stay in port.
  • Navigate to beautiful places.
  • The combination of the previous two.

Additional hiring in classic sailboats

In addition to the captain, snack, cleaning and fuel, there are other services that you can hire, what are they? A comprehensive package of drinks , live music and anything else you want and it is within our reach to provide it for you. An example of an additional contract is a catering service to enjoy a delicious meal at sea.

Decide on our sailboat rental in Barcelona!

Sailing allows you to enjoy total independence while you discover and swim off the coast of Barcelona. Mostly, the boat is driven by the wind, thanks to that the captain feels more confident to show you how to navigate.

If you don’t want too many people on the boat, as you will be holding an intimate event, you don’t have to worry about the crew. It does not take many people to attend you on a sailboat and we assure you that you always enjoy quality care and a completely clean boat for any event.

With our cheap sailboat rental in Barcelona you get a personalized service and a great experience. If you are planning to vacation in the city, do not forget to consider the possibility of relaxing to the maximum in the sea .