Private boat parties Barcelona

There are many events that lead you to look for an agency with which it is possible to hold private boat parties in Barcelona. We inform you that you no longer have to enter other Internet sites, here we talk about the possibility of planning any event with us. What can you expect from our boat rental? Here we tell you!

Why convince yourself to have private boat parties in Barcelona?

The private boat parties Barcelona are the perfect occasions to do something unique, fun and unique to you and your friends. The coast of this city has witnessed many events of this kind and we are able to give you the best experience with this service.

On other occasions we have said that our boats are places where it is possible to have dinners or watch sunsets, occasions that are quiet. But if what you want is to have fun, in our fleet you will also find the most suitable options for you .

What boats do we offer you for your private parties?

The boat that we provide for the rental varies by the number of guests at the party, thus ensuring a comfortable environment for everyone. The boats that you have the possibility to rent according to the number of party goers are the following:

  • Sailboats : in our fleet of sailboats that are ideal for small private parties of up to 11 people.
  • Yachts : on a yacht you can organize an event where from 12 to 28 people are invited.
  • Catamarans : catamarans are luxury boats ready to celebrate parties of 23 to 125 people.

The boats are equipped so that the fun of the people who rent them is guaranteed. You just have to choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your event and we will take care of preparing it for you . The day of the party is in an optimal state of cleanliness and operation.

Services included in each rental

No matter which boat you decide to rent, the same services are always included, what are they? The main thing is the navigation of an experienced captain who will take you and your guests to the best place to hold your party. In addition, the following points are also included:

  • Drinks and water for everyone.
  • Appetizers.
  • Fuel.
  • VAT.

On board the boat you can do many activities, dancing is one of them, do it while listening to your favorite music. It is also possible for you to swim in the Catalan waters. You will surely find a lot to do at private boat parties in Barcelona .

Where and why rent a boat for a private party?

The most important thing is that you rent the boat in advance, therefore, it is recommended that you do it online . Why should you be encouraged to purchase this service? At our agency we take care that everyone’s experience on board our boats is unmatched.

Do you have any special requests for your private boat parties in Barcelona ? You can contact us with confidence to tell us your orders, so we make sure to give you a quality service.